S.M.M. Mohamed Ibrahim


The  Group  was  incepted  in  the  year 1960  in  Sri Lanka  by  the  Group Founder  Mr. S.M.M. Mohamed Ibrahim, an erudite businessman and entrepreneur from Ammapattinam, Tamil Nadu, India.  Mr. S.M.M. Mohamed Ibrahim’s father, Mr. Abdul Khader stated a Provision Store in Sri Lanka.  At the age of 15, Mr. S.M.M. Mohamed Ibrahim went to Sri Lanka to help their father with his store.  Gradually, he spread his wings and opened a Textile wholesale unit, a Garment factory, a Packaging Unit and a Restaurant in Sri Lanka.  Later he had a textile business at Chennai, India.  With a strong ambition to diversify further, he went on to started Femina Hotel, Femina Spinning Mills and Femina Shopping Mall in Trichy, India. A philanthropist and generous man of humble beginnings who persevered hard to strive and succeed in business.


S.M.I. Mohamed Abubacker

The Chairman & Managing Director

The Chairman & Managing Director of FSM Group of Companies has imbibed from his Father and predecessor great entrepreneurial dynamism.  Combining that with his innate dexterity to pioneer, he has taken forward the reputation of the brand and business to higher levels.  As a globe trotter, his transoceanic exposure makes his every enterprise a beacon of success.  With a sprawling retail space of 500000 sq. ft., 5 branches, the Femina Shopping Mall (FSM) stands as a destination edifice and the most sort after place in the whole of Trichy city.  Add to that the vision of its Leader, it has reached a pinnacle in branding.

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Our Vision:

To be the largest private hypermarket chain in the state of Tamil Nadu by the year 2025, offering world class products at fair prices.

Our Mission :

To offer our customers with high quality products serving their everyday needs whilst making their shopping experience as best as possible through our centralized AC shopping malls with ample parking space for their four wheelers and two wheelers.


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